Soothe MCT Oil Tincture Drops - 500

Siddhi Herbals


Relief is here! 

 Soothe Drops are paired with herbals known for their inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. These are blended with the best full spectrum Hemp extracts for an alcohol-free 'family friendly' treat for your endocannabinoid system. 

Soothe Drops can be used both as an oral or topical application.

The 500mg hemp oil formulation works synergistically to support your muscles, joints and mood, and is delivered through dropper in a 1oz bottle.

"May All Beings Everywhere Be Free From Suffering"


Proprietary Blend: MCT Oil, Essential oils of Boswellia (Frankincense), Turmeric Ginger, Black pepper, Activated Hemp extract

Herbal Highlights

  • Turmeric is an auspicious and almighty anti-inflammatory, traditionally used to simultaneously fight illness, and find spiritual salvation. It is a powerful pain reducer that increases the bodies’ capacity for antioxidants.


  • Boswellia / Frankincense contains active components that can suppress the proliferating tissue found in inflamed areas of the body. It unbolts blood supply to the joints, restores the integrity of weakened blood vessels, and allays pulmonary strain. Studies have shown Boswelia to slow cartilage loss and inhibit autoimmune illness.




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